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Our Story

With over 40% of Australian parents working from home, it has developed an exigency to balance the work from home lifestyle for parents with young kids. This thought concept led to the birth of Skilligi.

Established by three learning enthusiasts Govinda Pathak, Santhosh Jose, and Jack Shi from Australia, Skilligi contemplated the idea of online private tutoring for kids and adults alike at practically affordable rates.


Know You are in good hands

Over 1000 hours Of Engaging kids

Accessible and Affordable Online classes

Our courses begin for prices as low as $15!!


We offer skill-based learning that allows a child to nurture and learn concepts apart from their regular school programs. Understanding from the very Australian concept of Kinetic Education, our affordable online private classes will focus on your child’s learning ability giving them space and opportunity to grow as per their strengths.

Consultation and Career Guidance

The future is Skills.


At some point in your adult life or your child’s life, you feel lost of the compulsiveness to discover, understand, and learn. And, when you finally decide, you are left confused with the overwhelming information on the web.


Skilling’s Career guidance and consultation will help curious minds like yours to select the to course for apt for you. Excellent tutoring and a powerful urge to develop one’s learning abilities is a recipe to drive a positive attitude in people. 


We are a call or an email away to help and guide you on your Skilligi journey.

Our Tutors

Skilligi tutors not only have proven proficiency in their field but are also trained under the concept of ‘Engaged Learning.’ Combined with our verified learning tools and material, we ensure a fun learning session for kids. Our tutors present one to one or group sessions for kids where they learn through videos, soft copy study material, and tested on learning outcomes. After a few sessions, we develop tailor-made course lines depending on the ability of a child to grasp concepts of a particular skill. At the end of the course, they get rewarded with a Skilligi learning badge and even certificates that they can use at school and for internships


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Student Centric Learning

We provide private and group learning sessions where our tutors moderate children and provide tailor-made courses to develop their abilities at their own pace. 


We don’t follow the herd concept. On the contrary, we believe each child is gifted with their unique abilities. Parents can view the online class on a recorded or live stream and communicate with the tutors. We have always received an overwhelmingly positive response for our tutors and their course material.