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Creative Youtube Channels that can keep your kids productively distracted while you are working

Arts & Crafts 

The channel posts contents related to teaching viewers how to craft papers into realistic shapes, using woods to craft into houses and other figures. Some of the videos talks about some crafts that kids could make to decorate their home or using papers to make amazing baskets.

If the kids need some help with Arts & Crafts, you can book a tutor here at Skilligi:

Crash Course

The youtube channel is widely popular across different demographics where the viewer is able to learn complex subjects in such a short period of time. The content producer uses general and easy understanding wordings when explaining those topics. The channel consists of topics ranging from psychology to computer science to other engineering disciplines. It is kids-friendly and highly engaging, your children will be able to learn something that is interesting and interesting to them through some of the playlists provided.

If you kids have some trouble with the math given in the channel, having a math tutor could definitely help, and you can book one now at Skilligi where we have a lot of math tutors coming from accredited universities. 

Check out the link below:


Psych2Go is a digital media organization that provides some contents to raise some psychological awareness. The channel provides contents that are easy to understand and interesting to watch.

The channel is children’s friendly and educational to let you kids watch alone. It consists of a library of alot of videos that helps your children learn alot about human psychology ranging from creepy psychology, political psychology and pop psychology.

Creative Channel

The channel is made to demonstrate practical videos about engineering, specifically physical state engineering of building equipment and objects. The channel is quite popular with about 4.5 millions subscribe with a success of influencing people to be interested in the field of engineering.

In the channel, your children will be able to learn some methods on how to build cardboard planes, Airplane RC Supper Mini, and others. Although there are some videos that still need parental supervision, some of them could do it on their own with the right equipment. 

Warriors Kids

Warrior Kids channel has a series of videos that talks about leadership and ownership attributes that kids could adopt in their younger age. The podcast is based on the two way warrior kids books that talks about a kid named Marc who faces a lot of problems that kids everywhere face, but Marc got his problem solved from Uncle Jake who is a Navy Seal and who stays with him. 

Most of the videos are about kids asking Uncle Jake, who in real life is Jocko Willink, a retired Iraq Deployment Navy Seal, about the things that the kids are going through. The content is kids-friendly and helps kids to build some confidence and knows how to deal with bullies and other problems in life.