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Dealing with Postpartum Depression during Quarantine [pt 2]

This article is written based on the titled “7 tips on How To Fight Depression During Quarantine” by Veronica Baxter. The article talks about how mothers could do to help themselves dealing with depression during quarantine, particularly postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression, according to the mom kind, is a condition that mixes physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that occur in a woman after giving birth. It usually happens after four weeks after the delivery.

Friends and family

There are certain people that you could reach out and talk to when it is quite stressful, plus, those individuals that important to you could offer you advice on how to deal with stress. 

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Make sure you have an hour each or more talk with your family and friends. This way, you can release your stress and frustrations. Bottling up your emotions by yourself may make it harder for you to cope with motherhood.


Virtual Existence

Limiting the amount of social is one thing, yet you could make it socially useful if you can manage it well. There are a lot of supports that could help you online such as doctors and other health experts.

If the stress level is too much for you to handle, then it is encouraging that you see in-person support instead of the virtual one.

Sleep and Healthy Eating

This is essential regardless of anything that is happening in the world. Although everybody is different, it is recommended that the body needs 7-8 hours of sleep each day.

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Sleep is also crucial in the battle against postpartum depression. When you sleep, your brain and body rejuvenate, making it easier for you to perform your role as a mother. Proper sleep and diet boost your energy levels so you can tend to the needs of your baby efficiently. –


Incorporate a new style of living

Learn something new because it is the best time to do so. Getting a new hobby or getting into a new habit is extremely helpful. Some people found meditation useful and found good isolationism an advantage to them.