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Dealing with Postpartum Depression during Quarantine

This article is written based on the titled “7 tips on How To Fight Depression During Quarantine” by Veronica Baxter. The article talks about how mothers could do to help themselves dealing with depression during quarantine, particularly postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression, according to the momkind, is a condition that mixes physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that occur in a woman after giving birth. It usually happens after four weeks after the delivery.

Stay next to and cuddle the baby more

According to the article, “Hugs can boost the level of oxytocin in the body, a chemical that is also called the “cuddle hormone”. The chemical is tied to happiness and less stress.”. it also said that there is a chemical called norepinephrine which is a stress hormone that is being reduced in the mothers.

Maximize your own well-being

There are a lot of tasks that the mother had to go through in order to raise a baby. She would need to spend a lot of time understanding the meals, making sure that the baby is well-rested, and managing the baby stress to ensure that they are mentally healthy.

It does not mean that you need to avoid the baby completely, yet according to the post,

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Promise yourself that as soon as the restrictions are lifted, you will spend more taking care of yourself. Get facial treatment, a weight loss procedure, […]. This way, you will not drown in self-pity, and you will learn to love yourself more.


Social Media Limitation

This issue does not just affect parents, in particular mothers, but it affects most of the people during this period of time. “The stress of using social medial and other media platforms may make PPD or depression worse. It is crucial to make sure you filter what you read online.”.

When you limit the amount of social media consumption, your stress level reduces and there are more tasks and activities you will be able to focus on completing them.