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Four Fun Mathematics Website to Keep your Kid Distracted

In every game, on the website before the children start playing, there will be questions asking what grade are the kids in, and the game will adjust the difficulty based on those grades, instead of having options like easy, medium, or hard. After the selection, there will be features of how the game should go like fractions, counting, or estimation.

There are several types of math games that the website has to offer which are Logic Games, Math Arcade, Story Math, Math videos, and other math games. The website is low in distraction because it is ad-free and gives the option to view the game in full screen if the parents want to join a premium value.

There are additional classroom features included such as manage classroom favorites, share games with your class, and home access for the kids. Moreover, the ranges of games include Brainy games, robot games, thinking blocks, algebra, shapes graphs, and fractions decimals.

This website consists of more varies of games compare to the other mentioned websites. There are games including “Spin!” where the purpose of the game is to control the ramps and build momentum, or “Plus 10” which you would need to apply the concept of subtraction by addition, instead of addition by subtraction which most children is known of.

Some popular games are also brought in as well such as Sudoku, 2048, Kakuro or Calculate this.

On the webpage, the parents would need to go to the games tab provided, and there will be games ranging from checkers, 4 In A-line, or Math Match Game.
Mathisfun is quite popular for teachers to use since it also provides academic materials for them to teach their students as well.

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