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Fun & Creative Games that are Suitable for Children to Keep them Distracted

LEGO Games

Most of the LEGO Games are made for kids which the developers consistently try to incorporate suitable contents while adopting some of the creative thinking activities from the games played by the adults.

LEGO Games consists of varies genres that offer cognitive development, historical and geographical knowledge and also problem-solving skills.

One of the few games to keep the kids distracted while you are working at home.


Minecraft is an open-world game where people are playing with one another to explore a “blocky, procedurally-generated 3D world with infinite terrain and may discover and extract raw materials, craft tools and items for building structures or earthworks”.

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[…]puzzle-adventure game in which players mine pixelated landscapes to harvest stylized cube-like materials. – ESRB


The explanation kind of gives you a sense of how creative you need to be to develop cool-looking structures or objects from the minerals and materials you found from exploring the game.

PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games contain types of gameplay such as adventures, knowledge building and augmented interactive games.

One of the games that were made for kids to learn was Play and Learn Science. The approach is to use the concept of science and make it fun for the children to play and understand the knowledge behind it.