Drums Classes with Tuhin

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Tuhin was great! He knows his stuff with drums and I would definitely recommend him to others!
Posted Jun 14, 2020


Tuhin was great! He's good with drums and will definitely recommend him!
Posted Jun 07, 2020
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About Tuhin

Tuhin is a drumming teacher who centres his teaching around the importance of rhythm, timing and grooves. He takes the style of his art very seriously and this is in part the reason he is such a knowledgable and passionate teacher in the area. He bases his teaching on listening to learn and follows the tab method for teaching the instrument. He has practical experience in studio recordings and brings this knowledge to his students, teaching in both private and group class settings.

Tuhin's Teaching Approach

He follows the tab method of teaching for drums, which he finds to be a simple way for anyone to learn no matter their ability level. He teaches anyone from beginners to the more advanced students. His practical experience gives him an edge on some other teachers in the area, as he can apply this knowledge to enhance his students skills. He teaches the fundamentals of rhythm, technique and timing for an all round experience.

Tuhin's Experience

Tuhin has experience playing drums on a professional level. For several years he has been playing for studio recordings, which has only enhanced his own knowledge of drumming. He has been teaching for a similar period of time in a range of settings, both individually and in larger classes.

Tuhin's Skills

Tuhin skills lie in drumming and theoretical music. He teaches a range of styles and uses his skills and knowledge to teach his students successfully in a fun and interactive environment. He is well versed in the tab method of teaching and has used this for the past few years as his main teaching tool.