Guitar & Piano Lessons for Kids & Couples

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About Anna

Anna is primarily a guitar teacher who works in the area of musical studies. She bases her teaching around four main aspects of musical theory, technique, aural training, theory and improvisation. She is forever improving on her own skills so that she may bring the best to all of her students, whether they choose to study alone or in a group setting.

She has her own music school and teaches Keyboard/piano and guitar. She has prepared students for ABRSM Grades 1 onwards to adults & couples.

She started learning Guitar at the age of 5 and she loves Guitar and Keyboard. She started learning from age 6 because her mother loved Keyboard/Piano too.

She is an MBA graduate from London, but music is her passion and she liked teaching so she became a Music Teacher by God' Grace.

Anna's Teaching Approach

Anna focuses on four main aspects of music within her teachings which gives her students the best understanding of the course. Ther refers to technique, aural or ear training, theory and how to apply it in real life situations and finally improvisation. These are topics that will definitely act to strengthen the skills of anyone who is just starting out or even the more advanced student. He takes classes in both an individual or group setting.
She has five books of Guitar playing made easy for everyone by Joseph M. Estella and George Roberts. As the Students are in the Book 1, when she see’s the improvement in learning she starts introducing Chords slowly.. with some easy songs

With Piano, she teaches with chords book that right hand plays melody and left hand chords, there are three books in which first book she concentrate on C scale songs, 2nd Book all the Major Scales and 3rd All the Minor scales.

Anna's Skill & Experiece

Being a musician herself, Anna has the knowledge behind her to excel at teaching guitar and the theory that accompanies it. She teaches at a prominent school and continues to enjoy teaching others, as well as constantly improving on her own skills in the area.