Drum lessons with Jordan Gilmour

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Jordan is a very good drummer. Great time enjoyed.
Posted Jul 14, 2020


Had a great class.
Posted Jun 18, 2020

Half hour lessons are available (and mostly preferable) to students ($37.50) <

About Jordan -

Jordan Gilmour is a film, theatre and multimedia composer, producer, drummer and teacher based in Melbourne. He has worked on dozens of projects and performed with countless bands between the U.K. and Australia, which has seen his work screened and performed at various festivals to critical acclaim.

A graduate from the Victorian Collage of the Arts with a Master’s Degree in Interactive Composition, Jordan chose to pursue a career in scoring for the screen and the theatre. His time at University allowed for numerous collaborations and creative relationships which has led to developing a substantial film and multimedia composition folio that demonstrates his versatility and innovation as a composer and drummer.

Jordan's Teaching Approach -

Jordan is a well-respected and established music teacher. As a teacher Jordan has taught at various institutions, teaching different levels from extreme beginner to highly advanced. Student age groups have been from as young as 7 to adults as old as 32.

Lessons in drums and piano tuition are his main areas although as a composer, his lesson plans are unique in bringing his knowledge of creativity and thorough understanding of music theory to the education of musical instruments. Jordan prides himself on connecting with his students to communicate the understanding and application of music so that there are no questions unanswered.

“The ethics of my teaching approach revolve around the passions and interests of each individual student. Whilst I pave the framework to equip our students with technique, reading ability and theory, my main aim is to nurture the curiosity and enjoyment of the musical experience. My view is that the music lesson is a motivational mentorship to encourage students to self-teach themselves under my guidance and everything that is taught in my lessons stems from a musical context. I engage each student with the basic skills to understand and enjoy practising their instrument with the overall goal to be able to use those skills to play along to a piece of music that they are attracted to. From here we can elaborate by suggesting other music to analyse, interpret and rehearse. This achieves two things: Firstly, I am opening students to different music and styles which consequently builds each of them an individual repertoire and expands their musical catalogue. Secondly, with each new musical ‘project’, we dive into the necessary technical exercises and theoretical knowledge required to conquer each piece, thus progressing in skill level with the completion and performance of each project. Each student will always have a unique approach to learning a musical instrument and it is my job and my passion to help make that as enjoyable and as simple as possible by using my personal skills and experiences to mentor the next generation of aspiring musicians.”

Check out a video introduction! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NVpMUBF-kY&feature=youtu.be

Jordan's Work and Achievements -

Some notable highlights include his masterclass with Philip Glass as part of a collaboration with filmmakers in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was to compose music in response to the Qatsi Trilogy film series through the BBC and Screen Academy Scotland and was screened at the 2011 Edinburgh International Festival and critiqued by Glass himself.

He was also commissioned to compose a piece for the Federation Bells, an instrument located in Melbourne, which was performed as part of the 2014 White Night Festival.

That same year Jordan proved his skills in efficiency and ability to work to a strict deadline by composing a score to the short film ‘Bobby’ in two days as part of the 48 Film festival, Melbourne. He took home the award for best music at the awards night!