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Hi, since you are in this page, I'm sure you are eager to achieve more in Mandarin study! I'm willing to help you achieve your goal while having fun learning more about Chinese culture.
I am Danna, a Chinese with excellent language skills, studying skills and exam skills. I have to say that learning a new language is not that easy and I have been in the same shoes as I am still trying to improve my English. However, as a native Chinese speaker with teaching experience, the easiest way to learn Chinese would be: start from pinyin, which is the pronunciation rules, build up with tones and vocabulary, make sentences and speak up! It would definitely be easier to learn mandarin if you are driven, put your efforts and time into studying and keep practicing. I am currently teaching two teenagers with mandarin and I have worked for an English and Mandarin Institution for over 6 months. I am very passionate about helping students in different levels with different needs. No matter you are an introvert or extrovert, starter or advanced learner, I am confident to help you get good grades or help you achieve a better level than you are currently at. I was a Gold Coast Mayor Student Ambassador in Australia who communicate with fellows from different backgrounds all the time, which brings me exclusive skills to communicate to people in an easy and comfortable way while achieving desired results efficiently and effectively. Take a step, give it a go and let's plan for your study together!

I'm looking forward to meeting you!