6 different drawing Lessons with a professional artist

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I used Tamara's painting lessons for my kids. She was wonderful and very understanding. I would recommend her to everyone.
Posted Jun 26, 2020


A good class and experience
Posted Jun 16, 2020


Tamara was very good at painting and the online class was very helpful.
Posted Jun 10, 2020


This is the kinda class I was looking for a long long time..
Posted May 04, 2020
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About Tamara

Tamara found her love in painting at a very young age and has opted it as a career option and living her dream. She has a Bachelor of Decorative and Applied Art and Visual Arts degrees. She has a experience of teaching online and taking private tutoring classes and is happy to share her techniques to her students. Tamara believes everyone can express themselves through painting and have fun in the making process!

Tamara's Teaching Approach

Tamara believes in drawing together with her students so they can repeat after her and then gives them exercise. Her sessions are set according to each of her student's goal and what they want to achieve. She sets up a theme for a lesson, gives them time to practice while assisting and clarifying if necessary and demonstrate and show examples. All her lessons are accompanied by classical music in the background matching the theme lesson.

Tamara’s Series of Lessons
Mini-course: Turn a scribble into a stunning masterpiece in 3 lessons
Botanical-decorative drawing: a 6-lesson course
Creating a mandala: a 5-lesson course
Sketching trees and landscapes: a 5-lesson course
Introduction to traditional academic drawing: 8-10 lessons
Meditative Drawing: 3 lesson course

Tamara’s Experience
- Academic drawing and painting practice
- Teaching Meditative Drawing Technique

Tamara’s Skills
- Creative and flexible
- Patient and supportive teaching / mentoring style
- Highly skilled at drawing with charcoal, ink, pens, pencils, markers
- Highly skilled at painting with watercolors, oils, acrylic, gouache
- Highly skilled at design using the Adobe Creative Suite