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Erika is very professional and is very engaging.
Posted May 13, 2020


I wanted to learn Italian for quite a while now, I then came across this website and did my searching.. I really liked Erika's fun profile and decided to book her class! A decision I would never regret!! She is so determined and she teaches from her heart. She not only taught me the language but some of the basic cultural aspects and many regional things! She is awesome!
Posted May 11, 2020


Enjoyed Erica's sessions!! She is so full of life and enthusiastic to teach Italian to new people. She not not taught me the language but also their cultural heritage. Which not many people do!
Posted May 02, 2020


Erika is very experienced in teaching Italian and is very fond of sharing her culture and is very informative.
Posted Apr 03, 2020
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About Erika

Erika is a 30 years old energetic girl! She has studied languages since secondary school and words are her greatest passion as it is travelling. She loves to interact and communicate with people in their language and learn them as much as she can.She has a bachelor degree in Modern Languages and Literature from the Universita' di Torino and has been giving lessons since she was 18 for different level students. At the moment she is living in Melbourne and studying Interpreting at RMIT and she loves it!!

Erika's Teaching Approach

During her classes, she tries to make learning fun and engaging. She love working with songs, texts, stories and not only rules! She loves to talk and teach everyday language uses. But she first have a chat with her students and then plan her sessions accordingly

She not only wants to teach her language but also her culture, so she often talks about it too.

Erika's Experience

  • Over 12 years of teaching experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages and Literature from the Universita' di Torino
  • Currently studying Interpreting at RMIT

Erika's Skills

• Travelling enthusiast, so know how to engage with different people
• Friendly and always Positive
• Flexible with her classes and Content
• Excellent communication skills.