Bollywood Dance & Classical kathak Classes

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I wanted to learn a dance song that I saw at a wedding. I learnt it quick and :)
Posted Jun 21, 2020


Shikha is very supportive and engaging.
Posted Jun 03, 2020


Shikha has a very unique approach and her class is fun and interesting.
Posted May 06, 2020


Shikha is very passionate about her dance and has developed a lot of different dance styles and very helpful in teaching.
Posted May 04, 2020
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About Shikha
Shikha teaches many different forms of dance but specialises in the areas of Indian dance, Bollywood dance and freestyle. She teaches in either a private or group setting, each having their own benefits when it comes to learning a new dance style. She begins with basic steps before moving on to more advanced movements, which means she is well equipped to teach any skill level. An engineer in information technology, Shikha has been performing in these dance styles for 15 years and her hobby has progressed to another career as she continues to teach all over the world

Shikha's Teaching Approach
Shikha's teaching follows baby steps; she starts with basic warm up and stretching followed by basic steps ; then once the individual or group is comfortable with basic steps she starts teaching in a progressive way with some fun activities. She has a prepare particular set of music for the session which she decides after talking with the students and knwing what they are expecting and what do they want to learn

Shikha's Experience
- She has performed in these specific styles for the past 15 years and has conducted classes in India and Melbourne, Australia
- Have taught to many people over the years from different age group
- Shikha has been working as an engineer of information technology, but Indian and Bollywood dancing has always been her passions.

Shikha's Skills
• Excellent communication skills.
• Her skills are focused mainly on her favourite dance styles, Indian dance,
Bollywood dance freestyle and Classical Kathak
• Dedicated

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