Kpop Dance Classes by a Rising Star in the Creative Industry

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Personal Development

Chaeyeon is a newly emerging artist from Star Entertainment, where she has been teaching Kpop (Korean Pop) Dance for 4 years. Kpop is a popular genre of music which originated from South Korea. Chaeyeon is active and diverse whilst working in the creative industries, she is a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) Graduate. Her acting has been featured on the Australian TV Drama Neighbours, and she is also the Director of Star Entertainment (a Kpop company in Melbourne that provides Kpop services for her students). Chaeyeon has industry representation by a talent agency for her acting and modelling skills. She also runs a fashion label called Kandi Fashion where she designs Korean and Japanese fashion and asian accessories. Majoring in contemporary vocals whilst studying VCE/VET Music, she learnt performance skills whilst performing as a solo singer and also studied the key fundamentals of the music industry.

Teaching Approach
At Star Entertainment, we strongly believe that anyone wanting to learn is able to do so regardless of what level they are at. We tailor our classes to our student’s and design our course curriculum based on what each individual student needs. Our student’s also have the option of doing private 1:1 classes and/or group classes. Through our dance classes, you will be taught the warm ups to dancing and then the routine to a Kpop song which has been chosen by you. We teach at the student’s pace, so student’s never need to be concerned about falling behind in our classes. We aim to build confidence in our students, whilst also ensuring they have a great time whilst learning with us. This class is offered as one of Star Entertainment’s services. Through these dancing classes, you are given the opportunity to do a live performance with the song that we have taught you! And/or a music video shooting with us! Both in person and online classes are available. Our other classes include: Kpop Singing Classes, Kpop Fashion Design Service, Live Performance Opportunities, and many more! We also offer in person classes as well as online classes. Our classes are also kid friendly and our tutor is registered with a Working With Children Check. We teach our classes in English. Get your kids moving with our fun, active Kpop classes! We hope your child has as much fun in our classes as we do teaching them! We also offer our classes to all ages from kids, to teens and young adults.

Certificate III in VET Music Industry Skills
VET Structured Workplace Learning Certificate
Victorian Certificate of Education (Class of 2010)
Bachelor of Design (Majoring in Fashion Design, Class of 2017)
Year Ten Award for Great Singing! (Awarded in 2008)

Registered with a Working With Children Check

Kpop Dance Teacher
Kpop Singing Teacher
A thorough understanding of client’s wants and needs
Excellent Communication Skills
Fashion Model for Clothing, Accessories and Makeup
Fashion Designer
Music Composition
Director at Star Entertainment
Accessories Designer at Kandi Fashion

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