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Things that you could help a new mother during this time [pt.2]

The post is written based on an article written by Jessica Levy at The post describes what the things of kindness that could help new moms go through the issues that they are facing.

Provide some volunteer

Doing the laundry, hanging clothes and taking out the bin for a normal person, they are very simple and be done in an hour or so. For a new mom who is overloaded with stress and anxiety and did not get to sleep as much. This could be very difficult for them. Provide them some help if you can, although they may not allow you to, keep asking a couple times. They will mean a lot to them.

Baby-sitting the other ones

If this is not the first baby, ask her if you could baby-sit the other one. The mom would be able to allocate the effort into just focusing on one child for now. Ask if you could bring them get some ice cream or some snack to show that you are caring for them.

Ask if you hold the baby

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Don’t be feel like you’re intruding.


you are able to give her a lot of hand rest when you ask her to do so. Most likely she’s gonna feel more likely to give the baby to you.