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Time Management for Mom [pt. 2]

Time management is problem in the modern age, especially when there are technology devices waiting to drag us into the procrastination zone. You sometimes wonder where did half of my day had gone to. With all the activities that a mother would have to such as making meals and other things for the children and stressful workplace, she could not find the time everything accordingly, not to mentioned she would need some time alone as well.

Say No Often

Saying yes to the things that are not comfortable with would give a lot of pressure. Although you should be able to do things that are important to you from times to times, but having to do a lot of things that give you too much pressure all the time will drain you, and it could lead to you not be able to use the energy for something that are really important. So take some rest, you need help ask for one.

Develop a healthy habit

Meditation is one of the mental exercise that helps you keep your exposure and reviews the positive and negative thoughts that you have been suppressing through the day. Find a routine that could help your mental health because you keep on suppressing them, one day it is going to explode, and you don’t want to explode in front of your children.

Be Flexible

Let some spaces in between and create some time blocks. When things do not go according to plan, you will be able to make some adjustments and tackle some the problems.

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Having a rhythm for your day but a time cushion and some backup plans can take the stress out of the unexpected, and keep one schedule hiccup from throwing off your whole day (or week).


Take care of yourself

Make sure to add some entertainment into the schedule, you wanted to rest and get some time by yourself.

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Get quality of sleep and follow other self care strategies for mothers, and you’ll be operating at your best — and less stressed.