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Time Management for Mom

Time management is problem in the modern age, especially when there are technology devices waiting to drag us into the procrastination zone. You sometimes wonder where did half of my day had gone to. With all the activities that a mother would have to such as making meals and other things for the children and stressful workplace, she could not find the time everything accordingly, not to mentioned she would need some time alone as well.

Stay Organized

Keep things in one place by listing all the necessary activities will give you a clear window of what to do during the day. It will keep you from worry about the things that are not important.

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It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and nowhere is this adage more applicable than when discussing time management tips for moms


Keeps you from forgot about things that you could miss too, when you think about.

Ask your partner for some help

It is difficult for one person to do something, there must be something that the dad could do to help.

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While it’s tempting to cover all household responsibilities yourself (to ensure that everything is done quickly and correctly), putting some effort into getting partners and children to pitch in can really pay off in the long run.


Take Shortcuts

If you are able to get pre-cut vegetables or canned sauce for dinner, you could be able to do it, when you are too busy. Using a dishwasher would help you save some times as well. Try figure out things that could get you to the same place with the same result, but don’t over stress about it. It is one of the important thing in time management.

Only Multitask when it is needed

When you doing your exercise, make business phone calls as well. Don’t let it get too much into the time because exercise is good for stress relieving. If it started to affect you too much, then leave it and focusing on one thing at a time.

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Multitasking was once praised as the time management tip to top all-time management tips. (Imagine: Getting twice as much done in a day.) Then people started seeing that multitasked projects weren’t completed as accurately, and suddenly ‘staying focused on one thing’ became the new time management fad.