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Tips for Moms with Young Children [pt. 2]

The article is written based on the post from by Jenny Bradley titled “10 Tips for mom with young Children” where the author talks about some guidance that could help mothers with their young children.

Leave the comparison game away

It is not recommended that you look at other parents taking care of their children, and think that they are better than you. Every child is different in some multiple ways whether that is physical form or cognitive behaviour. Only the parents would know their children more than anybody, and parents having those thoughts would cause more stresses to themselves

Join a group of moms that are facing the same problems as you are

Having people who are going through what you are going through relieve a lot of the stress that had built up in you. It could also give you the opportunities to look for some advices from the mothers as well.

Look for some help

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Give yourself permission to ask for help. It doesn’t make you less of a parent to admit that you need help. Our culture values self-reliance, but completely relying on yourself to meet all your needs and your kids’ needs is just asking for burnout.


Reduce the amount stuffs in the house

Having too many unnecessary could also be the cause of building up the stress inside your head. Get rid of certain things that are not very valuable to you, whether that is the kids toys or some papers that left in some places for ages. With toys, you will realise that you will feel better once you are not picking up the toys that you always used to.