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Tips for Moms with Young Children

The article is written based on the post from by Jenny Bradley titled “Tips for Mom with young Children” where the author talks about some guidance that could help mothers with their young children.

Make it simple

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You cannot be a supermom and be able to do it all meaning that with all the pressure from looking after the children, pressure received from work, exercise, making meals for the family, and spend time with the child every day.


Make it simple would provide a lot of help to the mother and the family because if you overwork yourself; there will be consequences such as being moody to the children, forgot about various things around the house. Therefore, try to take some time off and find some help from the relatives or babysitters


Rank the things that you would need to do that you need to finish, having to complete all the things at the same time would add more stress to you and make you more disorganized.

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Make a list of all the things you have to do every day, but also include a thing or two that’s just for you whether that’s working out, reading and drinking coffee, or simply taking a shower. Also, your baby/toddler will be okay if he or she cries for a few minutes while you do these things. – Jenny


Give some grace to yourself after the baby

Sometimes mothers could be caught up in several things that are considered the holy grail of raising a child which would only cause them more stress. It would not hurt to have your kids some movie day or getting fast food for them because you are very tired.