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Tips to Get Your Kids to be Productive While you are Working from Home

It can be difficult sometimes, when you have a lot of work to finished, but you also need to look after your love ones too.

Here are a few tips that could help you get by.

Get Them Involving in Varies Activities

Art & Crafts, Puzzles, or Legos let the kids stay productive and help parents free themselves to go work on the projects that are approaching a deadline. Have A4 paper ready for them to use, including the equipments that they need to draw or paint.

Arts allows them to let out creativity; thus, they can get hooked into the activities. So while you are working, you’ll know that they will also be able to participate in something that is useful for their time too.

Setup a Learning Environment

The ecosystem is essential for the kids to stay focus.

Arrange tables and chair, putting their drawing on the wall, and have everything all set and done for the kids to be a state that is productive.

The environment plays a role in the learning progress of a child.

Get a Tutor Online

Instead of getting a babysitter coming into the house and look after the kids, get an online tutor that helps teach varies creative and academic subjects ranging from Piano to Mathematics.

Skilligi has great tutors available on our sites:

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Plus, online tutors impose no risk to your child being affect by the current outbreak of the disease, COVID-19.

Look for Good Shows For Children

There are a lot of kids shows that let kids learn better these days. Since you don’t want your children to spend too much in front monitor, TV or smart devices screen, this one is probably the last thing you should do.

However, some of the shows that help children learn are (1). The Brain Scoop (2). Houston Zoo (3). TED-Ed

Kids will be able to learn more watch those type of shows.