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Ways for parents too find some alone time

Find a tutor online

One way to distract your kids from disturbing you or watching random things on youtube that are not valuable is getting them a tutor at home. It makes you feel better to know that the kids are working on something important while you are in your home-office doing your work. 

Skilligi is a great online-platform that can help you connect with a lot of good tutors studying and coming off from accredited universities. The skills that they possess will help your kids go through a process in a skill that they want to learn ranging from fun activities such as art & craft to academic subjects such as math and language learning.

If you want to have your kids learn valuable things while you are busy, do not hesitate contact with us to book a tutor at the website:

Get them to do productive activities while you are working

There are countless activities that the kids could do, and one of them could catch their attention and they will stick with them. 

Don’t get stressed that the kids will deviate to think that the physical activities are no match for the addiction of social media, if you tell them quite enough; they’ll understand and find the enjoyment of the physical activities. Online resources such as youtube channels or online tutor as mentioned earlier will give your children a lot of leverage to get good at those activities. 

If you want a number of activities that the kids could learn in-door that are productive, there is a blog that could help guide you there: Check out the link to learn more: 

Find some educational shows that the kids could learn from

Don’t get me wrong, I love books and they are great and holy grails to learning about the things that are happening around us. You should always pick books, but shows and video form are great for digesting ideas into actual products. There are alot of educational shows that could help kids learn on YouTube or Netflix Kids.