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What a Dad Would do for His Daughter.

According to Wikipedia, David Blaine is an American illusionist, endurance artist, and extreme performer. He performed a lot of magic and stunts that would be based on the audience’s reactions.

Blaine launched a project backed by YouTube Original called “Ascension”, where he would hold multiple balloons that lift him up and disappear into the sky. The project went live and broke the YouTube community by his amazing stunts. The catch is that he would not have a parachute during the lift-off and would need to get it from one of the balloons when it reached a certain point.

He flew off and reached 7.3 kilometers (24,000 ft) up into the sky without a parachute on, managed to get it in the air, detected himself, and landed spectacularly without any noticeable injuries.

David: “Where am I going to head towards?”

Dessa: “Venus”

David: “That is right…. but not that far, of course”

Dessa: “I hope so”

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This is what I have been telling you about, that I had dreamt of since I was [at] your age.” said David to Dessa, his 9 years old daughter. “What I want to do is to grab [those] balloons float all the way to the sky. -David Blaine to His Daughter


This is all for you – David to Dessa

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