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Why should parents allow their kids the option to learn productive online classes while they are not with them?

Reduce inefficient of time

When kids are engaging with online classes, they are not spending their time watching random videos on YouTube. Kids will be able to learn new skills or improve on their academic studies. Additionally, if you were to completely shut off the smart devices, kids will be bored in the house; therefore, it is best to have some people guide them through a new skill where they can be used as a hobby in the future.

Kids will be able to learn new skills

When you children are younger, it is the best time to learn skills since they are able to learn very fast. Another thing is that the kids are able to witness the possibility of using their creativity in creating something new, for instance art & craft or music in singing or playing instruments. Plus, it is enjoyable for them, especially in this age where kids could be confused with the only interest they have are for virtual interaction such as playing video games or recording themselves on YouTube. The sensation of having to build something physically has a different impact towards the kids’ development viewing things. 

If you want to have some tutor teach your children online while you are busy with work at home, connect with Skilligi through:, and get a tutor on a subject ranging from fun such as hip hop dancing, art & craft to academic such as mathematics and language learning,

Make friends and boost their mood

Through learning kids are able to participate in activities that are interactive between one another, when kids are making friends through the activities, the learning will improve as they are studying by each other. Plus, Kids are able to have fun during the process of learning those topics.