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Would it be a great idea for retired teachers to homeschool groups of young children? Would children benefit greatly?

I got this question from Quora that was asked by a fellow by the name of Marini Perrymond, and I thought I should re-post this for other people to see.

I feel like we can tackle this question in multiple ways if we can break this down. There are advantages and disadvantages to the agreement.

Let’s start with the advantages. First of all, children would be able to benefit great if their multiple teachers, especially experience one like the retired teachers to provide education to them. The problem with the lockdown is due to the number of students are being spread across homes and not in a collected environment which can be argued that students are less likely to learn well i.e. when they are at home it is difficult due to long-distance issue and virtual-learning, it is not like face-to-face where you can interact better. Increasing in the number of teachers would benefit greatly. I truly agree with that. As for the retired teachers, this is a chance for them to make additional income for provide their education in a form of freelance and be able to create value for the children, parents and society in general.

The disadvantage is due to several things as well, and it could be at a macro-level of the society. Retired teachers could choose to be retired as they do not want to work anymore; therefore, some of them may not wanted to go back to teach, but you can make an argument that it is up to them which is also very acceptable.

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The delivery of the service would still most likely have to be in a form a virtual teaching since having a teacher going to multiple households would be another of form of risk to the transmission of COVID-19. The issue could raise additional concern to the community leading to additional extreme measures for the authorities to be involved with.


From here, we could point back to the question whether the retired teacher should be teaching since most of the delivery would be online anyway. The answer would depend on the number of teacher who are available to teach the children and what trade-off between the price and level of knowledge the parents are willing to take to get a group of retired to get back on working again. If there is a less number of teacher in the community, the retired ones would be a value to the children in a society, but with the internet, we can easily access multiple online resources that we could provide to our kids. As for the trade-off, if the parents are willing to pay additional price for the kids to learn with an experience teacher, it would be also acceptable as well. I hope the answer could help you.